3 Important Aspects Of A Residential Solar Panel Installation

It’s exciting to think about switching to solar power and using a form of clean energy. However, you probably have a lot of questions about how solar panels are installed and if solar energy is right for your home. Before you get too far along in planning for solar panels, talk to a solar power contractor and get an assessment of your home to see if your home is a good match for solar energy.

3 Tips For Dealing With Storm Damage Repairs

If storms are a fact of life where you live, you need to be certain that you are able to respond accordingly and mitigate storm damage. In doing this, you will be able to quickly get your home back to livable conditions, while also protecting yourself from any significant property damage. With this in the back of your head, you should follow these words of advice below so that you are always prepared to respond to storm damage of any kind.

Run A Dental Office? 3 Reasons You Need To Store Your Lead Aprons In One Location

If you run a dental office, you depend on your lead x-ray aprons. Those lead aprons protect your staff from harmful exposure to radiation. To protect your investment and the health of your dental assistants, you should take good care of your lead aprons. This includes the way you store them in the office. Here are just three of the reasons why you should take additional steps to store your lead aprons together.

Cleaning The Company Break Room - Five Tips To Help Reduce Waste

Managing an office is typically a controlled environment until it comes to the break room. During a single day, people can shift in and out of the room, creating messes, increasing waste, and causing garbage problems for your office. When working with a commercial trash removal company, you can help the situation by scheduling both recycling and trash pick-up. There are five other ways to help reduce waste, improve your recycling, and ensure that the break room runs smoothly every week.

Waste Management: 3 Surprising Uses Of Recycled Waste

The average American generates approximately 4.3 pounds of waste each and every day, and approximately 55% of the 220 million tons of waste generated by the U.S. each year will end up in landfills. The absurd amount of waste generated is largely driven by consumerism and the need to have the latest electronics, fashion apparel and accessories, gadgets, toys and more. If this disgusts you, just know that you can make a difference by recycling and by signing up for waste management programs in your local area.

A Quick Guide For Choosing The Right Size Roll Off Dumpster For Your Project

If you are remodeling or doing some major construction on your home or rental property you probably already know that you will need a roll off dumpster from a place like Tri-State Disposal to contain the debris. What you may not know is what sizes are available and how to choose the right size dumpster to match the job. Follow these guidelines and tips for choosing a roll off dumpster that is the right size to meet your needs.

Could You Heat Your Restaurant With Recycled Cooking Oil?

If you’re a restaurant owner, fighting grease may seem like a constant battle. In addition to cleaning up grease splatters after each shift, you and your employees will need to periodically change the grease in the deep fryers and dispose of the used cooking grease. Doing this in a safe and legal manner often requires you to pour the used grease in a special dumpster or recycling canister where it’s picked up and processed for a monthly fee.

Get Rid Of Household Ants Naturally

With over 700 species in the United States alone, it’s to be expected that the ant is the most common household pest in the country. If you have ants in your house, you’ll want to get rid of these nuisances–fast. There are a number of ways to do this naturally, without any harsh chemicals. Try some of the following methods before your home is overrun by these hungry insects. Prevention Is Key