Cleaning The Company Break Room - Five Tips To Help Reduce Waste

Managing an office is typically a controlled environment until it comes to the break room. During a single day, people can shift in and out of the room, creating messes, increasing waste, and causing garbage problems for your office. When working with a commercial trash removal company, you can help the situation by scheduling both recycling and trash pick-up. There are five other ways to help reduce waste, improve your recycling, and ensure that the break room runs smoothly every week.

Waste Management: 3 Surprising Uses Of Recycled Waste

The average American generates approximately 4.3 pounds of waste each and every day, and approximately 55% of the 220 million tons of waste generated by the U.S. each year will end up in landfills. The absurd amount of waste generated is largely driven by consumerism and the need to have the latest electronics, fashion apparel and accessories, gadgets, toys and more. If this disgusts you, just know that you can make a difference by recycling and by signing up for waste management programs in your local area.