Run A Dental Office? 3 Reasons You Need To Store Your Lead Aprons In One Location

If you run a dental office, you depend on your lead x-ray aprons. Those lead aprons protect your staff from harmful exposure to radiation. To protect your investment and the health of your dental assistants, you should take good care of your lead aprons. This includes the way you store them in the office. Here are just three of the reasons why you should take additional steps to store your lead aprons together.

Keeps Them Centrally Located

When it comes to your lead aprons, you need to have them stored in a central location within the office. One central storage location will ensure that your staff can get to the aprons quickly, which saves time and makes it more convenient for your dental assistants to grab one when it's needed.

Prevents Damage to the Aprons

You might not realize this, but folding or creasing your lead aprons can actually damage them. Unfortunately, the damage isn't always visible. Some damage caused by improper storage can occur inside the apron or along the seams. Once an apron is damaged, it can no longer provide the protection that your staff will need to prevent radiation exposure. Not only that, but once your aprons are damaged, you'll need to replace them, which can be quite expensive, especially if they're getting damaged on a regular basis. To prevent damage to your aprons, store them on a designated lead apron rack.

Allows for Easier Cleaning

Your lead aprons are on and off patients throughout the day. That means they're collecting germs from every patient they come in contact with. To prevent the spread of germs, your lead aprons should be wiped down at least once a day. That can be difficult to do if your aprons are stored throughout the office.

Keeping them in a centrally-located space will ensure that you're able to wipe down each apron quickly and easily at the close of business each day. For best results, spray the surface of your aprons with an antibacterial spray cleaner, and wipe them down with a clean cloth. For tough stains, you can use a soft toothbrush to clean the area. Routine cleaning will also help extend the life of your lead aprons.

If you're in charge of the lead aprons in your dental office, you should make sure that they're stored in one location. Storing your aprons in one location will ensure that they're well taken care of. Problems with your lead aprons can lead to unnecessary and dangerous exposure to radiation and can increase the occurrence of germ transfer between patients.